Workability and Groovi Movements Team Up

Workability is thrilled to announce its partnership with Groovi Movements, a business that offers ground-breaking physical rehabilitation treatment and products. Groovi Movements was established nearly 20 years ago by Physiotherapist Tanya Bell-Jenje, who had identified the need for and subsequently established an online exercise program.

Exercise is Core

Tanya’s innovative approach to physio, using exercise as a core part of not only the treatment program but also a vital self management tool, is a perfect match for Workability’s own philosophy when it comes to the non-invasive treatment of back and neck conditions and patient empowerment. It is only a natural progression for the two businesses to join forces.

Cutting-edge technology

What makes the partnership particularly powerful is the feature both have in common.


Workability’s IT platform, Rehab Hub, links together the community involved in the patient’s rehabilitation including the doctors, funder, employer, therapists with the patient at the centre. Rehab Hub allows this community to work together to empower the patient to navigate their way back to work and life.

The innovative Groovi Movements exercise app has been built into Rehab Hub allowing the therapists to have their own, on steroids, customisable online exercise app. Therapists can now send these bespoke exercise programs to their patient via the patient app, Indlela, thereby taking rehabilitation to a whole new level.

Online resources

As a Workability network practice, you can access the entire Groovi Movements range of online resources via a comprehensive yet easy-to-use dashboard.

There are the two fully referenced books, The Better Back Book and The Better Neck Book. The hyperlinks and short videos help to make this information easily consumable for all of your patients. Ultimately, your patients will reap the benefit of more than 1,000 Groovi Movement exercises and 250 videos available from via the Workability Rehab Hub portal.

Once you have assessed your  patient, you can put together an exercise programme by selecting which body area needs treatment, the type of exercises that would be appropriate and what equipment may be needed. You can also select levels of difficulty and frequency of exercise.

The mutual objective of the partnership is to achieve overall health for patients through sound clinical rehabilitation, evidence-based reference material, safely prescribed exercise and healthy lifestyle.

Workability’s partnership with Groovi Movements is truly greater than the sum of its parts. And it is a big leap towards our ideal of getting our patients back to work and life in the most efficient, holistic ways possible.

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